Importance of ‘Dry Run’ in todays’ learning environment

Yes, we are living in a fast paced world.

That has two affects, almost no time reserved for ourselves and whatever we do we do it in a rush.

Well that also includes our learning habits.

Ye3s they are changed.

For those who are not obliged by an education system, who have finished a book to learn stuff.

Example: Who has finished a javascript book to learn javascript.

Yes, online learning has taken the stage.

It builds on the fact that we never give up our gadgets. Our mobile is always in our hand or in the most accessible place.

That is not all too bad right. Imagine you wanted to learn C++ in 1990’s. You have a problem, that needs be solved. Your best option is to have a book and search for the right section that addresses your concern. Yes the book is above 1000 pages…

However there are some downsides too. We become to results oriented. We get bored easily. Patience means a lot in education as in any other venue.

We are not patient.

What is the result. Courses that you have started and not finished. Go to Udemy go to Edx, go to any other platform you will see that. Rate of finishing is around 10%.

Here is my advice.

Make a dry run. What does that mean.

Assume you are learning online. Make your first go, without pens and also without any key stroke.

Just watch it / read it. Yes, like watching a movie/ reading a novel. Good thing is, this can be done in almost any circumstance.

While that, you will get in contact with the concepts and methodology and run thru examples. And this familiarity will not only reduce your total time spent, but also will motivate you to find the time to go ahead and dig deeper.

That will also help to distinguish between good and bad material, because you will cover more in less time and will have a better chance to assess the goodness of material.

One more tip, you watch or read along: It brings ideas into your mind that you want to capture. Again don’t write, record them on the go and in short sentences. Talk it.

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