Why is google ‘Google’?

Why is google ‘Google’?

Is it the hardware?

Or their fancy algorithms?, which they develop and let you use and actually you being trying for them…

Or the immense data they have a hold of… your personal data in their hands…..

Yes I hear you saying, all of them…

True, but let’s do a little better than that and be more specific,

It is the data… The data that you provide them with every click or even mouse movement.

The data is the driver, it benchmarks the requirements, that you need to satisfy with better equipment and algorithms…

So here is the dilemma: You are spending time to learn those fancy ML algorithms, (and that is fine…) which you will most probably intend to use for a future post in a corporate environment to solve ‘their problem’.

But finer is, if you take a more comprehensive approach to data science, and see a complete path from problem definition to final results. This path will include your ML algorithm, but will also connect you to the data…

The data that is original. That is related to the specific problem you want to solve. It will also be practical and get data science from the desks of ‘algorithm and ML guys’ to a living environment.

Yes, it is always good to think about the future and invest in learning. That is the best thing we can do. But let’s not give ourselves up for the ‘corporate’. Let’s do this to learn the world better and solve our own problems and the problems of people we care. And if that will also help you being a google engineer, well that is the cherry on the cake…

That was the exact reason why I prepared two courses…

The idea is: Google will not pay us for the data we provide them, but we can make use of online data to boost our personal finance.

The first course is about turning online car ads data, to an application that transforms a “list of cars to be sold” into a “list of (already) soldcars” and than uses that list to find the best deals on car sites as they appear. This approach is not limited to car shopping but can be applied to any time sensitive shopping venue online.

It is also about how to develop a problem solver data science strategy from problem definition to results exploitation…

Python Real World Data Science Mega Project: Car Buyer App

Check ‘my Udemy courses‘ post for available promotions.

And the second one is an attempt to use web scraping in a professional way, where you can start thinking about solving problems you will encounter during web scraping, thru a deep understanding of the framework and tools of “Scrapy”, the web scraping framework of Python.

Web Scraping in Python: Create Your Own Middleware in Scrapy

Check ‘my Udemy courses‘ post for available promotions.

Once you exercise you basic web scraping skills in a problem solving data science environment in Python Real World Data Science Mega Project: Car Buyer App, and go deeper in your web scraping tools thru Web Scraping in Python: Create Your Own Middleware in Scrapy, with the final aim to ‘scrape whatever you can see in your web browser’, you will be ready to dive deep into the practical world of data science.

Later, as you want to proceed with algorithms and ML, you will see what kind of an edge this ‘access to indigenous data’ will provide you with, in comparison with your counterparts, who don’t have this comprehensive approach to data science.

And for starters to data science and web scraping, I have an introduction course to web scraping with Python’s Scrapy and it is free to enroll on Udemy.

Web Scraping with Python 101: Build Scrapy Essential Skills

One last thing; it is not sufficient to enroll, you should make the effort.

See you in the lectures.

Tarkan Aguner

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