My Udemy Courses


Isn’t it time to leave aside ‘future hopes’ for few hours and invest in Data Science that can practically affect your life ‘NOW’?

The idea is to learn what is ‘applicable’ and apply what is ‘learned’.

And not in a distant future, but now.

Let’s start.

The course titles will take you to UDEMY course site with the best available price discount applied.

The highest discount is not available all the time. Let me know (at if you need assistance to get it.

Python Real World Data Science Mega Project: Car Buyer App

Web Scraping in Python: Create Your Own Middleware in Scrapy

Web Scraping with Python 101: Build Scrapy Essential Skills

If you wish to advance, excel and create in Web Scraping and Data Science, this is your chance. With Udemy it is risk-free.

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  1. Hi Shmar!
    Because of limitations of promotions per month, I will be posting new coupons on the 11th of the Month until the 16th.
    Hope this will be helpful to you,
    Have a good and healthy day.

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