Data Science is much more than just finding ‘the one methodology’

There are quite a few directions to excel in data science.
All talk is about the ‘methodology’.
The idea behind this ‘methodologism’ is: ‘if there is anything in the data that can be inferred, I can infer it’.
With all the computing power and hype behind machine learning, there is a truth in this.

However, you are not being told all of the story.
There is no methodology on earth that can extract anything beyond what the data will reveal.
What am I saying? You are at best, as good as your data!
And with the data that everybody has, you will be better a tiny percentage and that tiny bit, only to solve the problem of others.
Most probably of the ‘corporate giant’.

Let me be a little more direct in this.
What problems have you solved with your data science knowledge, that will touch your very life?
That has made YOUR life easier?
To aid your personal finance, for example?
Maybe to invest better?

I am not intending to stop you learn your next machine learning algorithm.
What I am probably emphasizing is: Add a new perspective. Have your own personal project.
Devise the plan to solve your own data science problems, and gather your own data, so even the best of the best deep learners can’t be better than you, because they don’t have the data or the idea YOU have.
A project, not with a future/conceptual/dream employment benefit, but something that will touch your very life, right now.

Simple and straight to the issue.
Results that you have without needing to train for weeks.
See what can be done with fundamental Data Science in its most practical glory.

Yes, what I am saying is exactly what I am trying to convey as a message in my courses:
First is a course that will let you create your own car buyer application, ready for your next car buy/sell after these tough times. (visit ‘My Udemy Courses’ for avaliable promotions)

Python Real World Data Science Mega Project: Car Buyer App

And for those want to take online data collection more seriously, as its the next real treasure to be explored:
A course to deeply understand web scraping and SCRAPY and be in a position to develop one’s own middleware, to solve web scraping problems that you might encounter. (visit ‘My Udemy Courses’ for avaliable promotions)

Web Scraping in Python: Create Your Own Middleware in Scrapy

And for those, who are new to web scraping and want to start from somewhere: the essentials course is free to explore this vital data science skill for data science developers.

Web Scraping with Python 101: Build Scrapy Essential Skills (free)

Find more details under and discover promotions on ‘My Udemy Courses’ post right here.


Tarkan Aguner

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